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Rootrainers are containers that train the roots downwards by grooves in the container walls. This system stops the problem of root binding.

All care is taken at pricking out stage to avoid any deformed root system. All grading and pricking out is completed by experienced Nursery staff who ensure our high quality products and our good reputation.

Rootrainers encourage fast roots for better formation. The roots remain straight, a fundamental requirement for healthy and successful growth. All care is taken at the pricking out stage to avoid any deformed root system to your native or exotic plants.

PLEASE NOTE: Price is per individual plant.

A rootrainer is divided in 4. Each division is 38mm length x 38mm width x 120mm height.
hilson-rootrainer-21 hilson-rootrainer-4
hilson-rootrainer-51 hilson-rootrainer-61