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Planting Information

Preparation of site before planting
  • Removal of weeds is very important for your native and exotic plant survival. Grasses and weeds will compete for moisture and nutrients.
    Eliminate competing weeds by removal or spraying with a glyphosate-based herbicide such as “Roundup”. Spraying before and after planting will differ with individual species and sites. Seek advice from where you purchased spray if unsure.
  • Secure the site from stock and pests (i.e. fencing, control of possums, hares and rabbits).

Care of plants prior to planting
  • Plants must be kept moist.
  • Before planting dip all of the root and soil part of plant in a water filled bucket or trough. When bubbles have stopped rising to the surface your plants will be ready to plant. DO NOT leave plants soaking for longer than one hour.

Planting process
  • If the soil is naturally free-draining, a planting hole slightly wider and deeper than root mass would be sufficient. If the soil is heavy, cultivation of soil over a bigger area and below the plant would be worthwhile.
  • Place root mass in the hole and firm round (with toes of foot not heel as this tends to be too heavy) and over roots, a little deeper (3-4cm) than in the container.
  • When possible mulching produces excellent results. By keeping weeds down longer, holding moisture in Summer and warmth in Winter. There are plenty of mulches available, we have found the favourite is pea straw or even old carpet.
  • There are a lot of ideas about planting times, often it depends on areas and what trees you are planting, container plants give you a longer planting season.