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About Us

Springfield Nursery Ltd. has been established in Hawke’s Bay since 1996. Specialising in Rootrainer grown Native and Exotic Plants.  Native and exotic seedlings are propagated at Springfield Nursery by professional propagators with 30 years experience in growing quality plants. Container grown trees on average have higher survival rates, faster early growth and they can be planted year round as long as there is sufficient moisture. Container grown plants also suffer less transplant shock than barerooted plants.Springfield Nursery grows their trees to the highest of standards, so when they are planted or bagged they are ready to withstand their new environment.Springfield Nursery is commited to growing the highest quality plants and providing a professional, easy service so purchasing and receiving your plants can be an enjoyable experience.


To visit us at Springfield Nursery go to contact us and see the map and hours we are open. Our shop has a large range of natives and exotics from rootrainers to bigger grades at very competitive prices. (Unfortunately bigger grades cannot be freighted but you are more than welcome to come and purchase direct from the nursery).

Springfield Nursery supplies to:
  • Home Gardeners
  • Lifestyle Blocks
  • Farm Planting
  • Nurseries
  • Regional Councils
  • City Councils
  • Landscapers